Elijah Craig Small Batch

This small batch bourbon from Elijah Craig replaced it's strictly 12-year old predecessor in 2016 to combine whiskey from 200 barrels ranging in age from 8-12 year. Unfortunately, we weren't around in 2016 to have a dram of it's eldest sibling but if they share even a few genetic traits we can only imagine how good it was. The current Elijah Craig Small Batch is smooth, even at 94 proof, and has a lovely honey and vanilla flavor to it. At the end of the day, as the Temptations play in the background, it's another solid bourbon at a great price.


W&W Rating: 3.35

Price: $26.99 

The Toast

Raise a glass to the Chicago non-profit, Pilot Light, that's using lessons taught in the classroom to connect kids with the food they're being served in the lunchroom. 


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