Larceny Small Batch Bourbon


Yet another small batch bourbon we're adding to our shelf and it won't disappoint after earning a 93 at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2013, and a score of 93 points from Wine Enthusiast. This is a great bottle with a lot of character at the $22 price point that may be a little sweeter since wheat is the second ingredient behind corn in the mash bill. The result that you'll find in your glass is a mix of 6-12 year casks aged in honey barrels adding another layer to the flavor profile. 


W&W Rating : 3.7 / 5

Price : $21.99 - $24.99

The Toast

Raise a glass to World Vision who continues to raise money to bring aid to those on the front lines of the Syrian crisis after raising $2.3 million last year alone.


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