Beam Suntory Headquarters

It feels more like Clermont, KY than downtown Chicago when you step off of the elevator into Beam Suntory's new Merchandise Mart headquarters and are met with copper, bottles (as light fixtures), and charred oak. Every wall, room, light, and accent take inspiration from one of their five distilleries scattered around the world immersing you in their portfolio of brands. 

As the reception desk greets you, so does the charred oak wall behind it playing backdrop to the Beam Suntory name. It's almost as though a master distiller will be there to take your name and find you a drink as you wait for your meeting to start. Speaking of drinks, you'll want to come to work thirsty with the new bar you have to pass by while you find your desk. Stocked with the Beam Suntory portfolio that includes names like Knob Creek, Pinnacle Vodka, Maker's Mark, Basil Hayden's and the list goes on.

If you happen to forget where you are, you'll be reminded of the history that got you to the above two paragraphs with a wooden, branded wall that walks you through the founding fathers, the road Jim Beam whiskey has taken, and where they're looking to go. 


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