We bring people together around distilled conversation and libation. 

Who we are


Brandon is a visual artist working in graphic design, photography, printmaking and woodworking. Whiskey fuels his creative endeavors.



Tyler is a passionate visual story teller and master behind a camera. Show him a bottle and he’ll show you a new way to look at it.




Justin is all things story, photography and strategy. His skills as a wordsmith and social connector are amplified when he has a dram in his hand.



What we do

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At Whiskey and Words we’re passionate about whiskey and the conversations found with good company around a bottle. We believe sharing a pour and your mind are great ways to encourage, support and connect. With that purpose in mind, we gather often with friends near and dear and open a new bottle. Each gathering is filled with rich conversation and you can find many of our takeaways from the whiskey and the words. We encourage you to try it out for yourself with your own group.


Get your friends together around good whiskey and a predetermined talking point. 


Talk about what you’re tasting; what you like about it and what you don’t like.
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It doesn't just have to be about the whiskey. Grab a few of the W&W coasters to jot down notes from the evening that could range from lyrics from The Lone Bellow song you don't want to forget or the dram you just finished.