Sagamore Rye


Tucked away on the outskirts of downtown Baltimore in an up and coming industrial pocket is the new and modern Sagamore Spirit Distillery. With a connection to the founder of Under Armour and the heritage of Maryland rye, this distillery doesn't disappoint. They weave together a well told story of how rye whiskey first started in Maryland and has maintained a unique flavor profile over the years. In an effort to build on that heritage, the Sagamore Spirit Distillery only makes rye whiskey. The good news is they make it really well!

I couldn't help but feel right at home at the distillery as they sprinkled in some classic dad jokes and buttered me up with an extra pour of a limited whiskey. Their standard rye was good, but things really stood out when I tried the barrel proof. The higher proof brought out some red hots, licorice, and spices. The final whiskey I tasted is a really special 105 proof rye finished in ex-cognac barrels for 9 months.

If you're ever in the area be sure to stop in for a tour and pick up a bottle and some of the best distillery swag I've seen to date.

The Cognac finished rye whiskey in five words or less: pipe tobacco and red hots.


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