5 Whiskeys for Father's Day

Father’s Day is about appreciating dads, your dad in particular. And, if you’re getting him a gift, we’ve got some suggestions. Whether your dad is a whiskey novice or a connoisseur, share a glass (or bottle) of one of these with him this Father’s day:


1. David Nicholson Reserve

Like so many others, this recipe has been passed down for generations. Unlike many others, this one crossed paths with Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle along the way. For a budget price, it packs one bold, balanced, and beautiful punch.


2. Eagle Rare 10 year

Buffalo Trace makes some of the most awarded bourbons on the market. This takes their signature release, ages it a few more years and perfects an already wonderful bottle.


3. Johnny Drum

A bit of a lesser known bottle with a uniquely fruity flavor profile. This one is from Willett and will certainly make your dad say ‘wow.’


4. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition

When only 10 distilleries remained open during prohibition, Old Forester was still producing some stellar whiskey. With their ‘Whiskey Row’ series, you don’t even need a Delorean to get a taste of it. We’re glad they brought this recipe back.


5. Henry McKenna

The recent ‘Best in Show Whiskey’ at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This one is worth grabbing for dad and for yourself. A 10 year, bottled-in-bond, single barrel whiskey makes this one heck of a bottle.


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