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Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve

There's a reason this one was meant to be restricted to a small region of the United States. It didn't pack any type of yell (or notes on the palate). What you'll get on the nose is reminiscent of your standard bourbon but with it being a wheated whiskey you'll get sweet vanilla on the finish. Don't worry, you'll forget about the flavor before your glass hits the table.

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Elijah Craig Small Batch

This small batch bourbon from Elijah Craig replaced it's strictly 12-year old predecessor in 2016 to combine whiskey from 200 barrels ranging in age from 8-12 year. Unfortunately, we weren't around in 2016 to have a dram of it's eldest sibling but if they share even a few genetic traits we can only imagine how good it was. The current Elijah Craig Small Batch is smooth, even at 94 proof, and has a lovely honey and vanilla flavor to it. At the end of the day, as the Temptations play in the background, it's another solid bourbon at a great price.

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Evan Williams Single Barrel

As smooth as Evan Williams Single Barrel goes down, you'll be surprised as to what shows up on your credit card statement. What's even more fascinating than the taste and notes you get on the nose, is that those characteristics will change from year to year. Every single barrel whiskey will vary from batch to batch, and although we found notes of vanilla and burnt sugar in this one, it might change by the time you pick up a bottle.

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Wild Turkey Rare Breed

As words of thanks fill the dinner table this Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a great backup if the real turkey didn't come out just right. Coming in at a lower price point, you'll enjoy the smooth, full-bodied flavor that comes from the blend of 6, 8, and 12-year whiskeys used to make this bourbon. 

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