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Koval Oat

If you've been waiting for a chance to ditch the mixer this could be your gateway into sipping your whiskey neat. Koval's Oat whiskey is light and still brings some flavor from the new charred American oak barrels. 

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Koval Rye

If you're familiar with rye whiskey you know that there can be a certain edge to it. After the prohibition, bartenders would usually cut it with something sweet to soften the spike and lessen the blow. The Koval Rye has no need for additives as it will be one of the smoothest whiskeys you'll ever put down. Enough so that if you're not much a fan of rye, this one might change that.

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Koval Four Grain

Start with Koval's Four Grain and you'll get an idea on the variety of tricks they have up their sleeve. If you don't have a chance to check out the distillery on the north side of Chicago, just know that they are creating an amazing lineup that branches outside of whiskey. 

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