December Words

Whiskey and Words is equal parts liquor and conversation, so each month we put together a list of articles, podcasts, songs, and other links that we found thought-provoking. Go ahead, pour yourself a dram, and flip through.


If you need a morning pick-me-up, take a look at this set of photographs out of the Southwest region of Wisconsin showing how Kickapoo Coffee Roasters get things done. 

If you still don't think the sun came up after the election, check out this podcast from This American Life that will be sure to spark a conversation no matter what your stance is. They interview a wide spectrum of people from Hilary to Trump supporters and everyone in-between to see if they saw the sun the next morning or not (figuratively speaking).

If you want to start your own distillery, this article in Slate does a great job diving into the ups and downs of the process. You might want to start 5 years ago though if you can.


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