8 Whiskeys For Election Day

Photo by @airn_

Photo by @airn_

If there is one thing that can bring us together on election day its a glass of American whiskey. From the first president to a man who wishes he was on the ballot and everyone in-between, theres one thats bound to calm your nerves. 

1. George Dickel Barrel Select

As the name suggests only 10 barrels are hand selected by the distillery to create this hand-crafted whiskey. Unlike the current president who has aged 8 years, this one will be anywhere from 10-12 years. You could say this one is more experienced.


2. William Larue Weller Bourbon

Feeling like you're lacking truth after going through this year's ballot? William Larue is your guy. Born in 1825, Larue is reported to have used the slogan "Honest whiskey at an honest price." to describe his original bourbon recipe that includes wheat rather than rye in the mashbill. 


3. George Washington Single Malt Whisky 

Yes, that's correct, George Washington did own a distillery. Although you might need to check the birth certificate on this one since it is distilled with 100% Scottish barley from Glenmorangie. This single malt whisky completes a 3-year term in ex-bourbon barrels but don't let the little experience fool you, it still brings an experienced palate to the table.

4. Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 Year Bourbon

As you get further into the ballot you're just looking for a familiar name, right? Well we hope you've done your research but if a familiar name is all you need theres Jim Beam and his Signature Craft 12 Year Bourbon. 

5. Colonel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon

You could say E.H. Taylor made the bed he slept in after building the warehouse where this limited edition bourbon is aged for 17 years. This man sure knows his way around the system as its Bottled-in-Bond, an act created in 1897 to maintain a high-quality distillation process. 

6. I.W. Harper Straight Bourbon

"I.W. Harper is a brand that has existed since the 1870s, founded by Isaac Wolf and Bernard Bernheim. The name of their distillery is Bernheim, but the name "Harper" actually comes from the owner of a Kentucky Derby horse the brothers took a liking to." If you've gotten to this point of the list we know you're a betting man and this right here is your whiskey.

7. W.L. Weller Antique

Your vote is important and we hope you don't just roll the dice but if you do this might be the one to bet on coming in at 107 proof and aged for 7 years. And would you look at that, ranked 7 on our list. It's your lucky day.

8. Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13 Year

This one is perfect for the politicians out there. For you to get it you need to know someone who knows someone since it's released once a year. Often drawing crowds similar to the democratic and republican nation conventions (okay, that might be a stretch), the Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye is aged for 13 years in new American oak casks. 


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